We set ourselves apart with a holistic approach to education encompassing
Body, Mind, and Spirit. 


Most schools have shut out, or drastically reduced, recess.  However, ac
cording to scientific studies, children optimize their social, cognitive, and problem-solving skills through physical movement. At KACS, our students have two, 30-40 minute sessions of physical activity, including daily  outdoor activities (weather permitting).  


We don’t teach our students to regurgitate. Instead, we challenge students to think critically and immerse themselves in the joy of learning. We are not fixated on improving test scores.  We are here to develop great independent thinkers. We have, at minimum, three field trips per semester, several dissections, science lab activities, and projects throughout the year. You will notice a change in your child as they grow to solve their own issues and develop an investigative approach.


As a Christian School, we believe in sharing and developing a closer relationship with Christ. This is done with love, training in the development of character, and opportunities for leadership. Every week, students take turns planning, performing, and leading out chapel service. Students’ self-esteem increases, along with their confidence, in their God-given abilities. 


KACS- A Preparatory School: 
Preparing students to be innovative leaders and Disciples of Christ- prepared for His soon coming!