Our Staff

Nidia Moller comes to Katy Adventist Christian School with over 20 years of teaching experience; 16 of those years as principal.  After graduating college with a BBA degree in Accounting, she became interested in education when her ADHD child was not working to his potential.  She began by homeschooling her children and taking courses to obtain her educational certification.  She has taken CEU (continuing education units) to help students with ADD, ADHD, and autism.  In 2014, Mrs. Moller was awarded the Southwestern Union Conference Excellence in Teaching Award.  When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys walks along the beach, cooking, and crocheting.  She is learning Spanish and is working on her master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  Mrs. Moller was Principal in Katy in 2006.  Her tenure was cut short when she had a serious accident that incapacitated her for many months.  She is excited to be back in Katy and renew old friendships and make new ones.  When asked about her plans for the school, she said she wanted to see it grow and help expand the STEM program with new hands on learning experiences.  When asked what sets her apart as a classroom teacher she answered, “When I step into the classroom, I see the students as my children and desire the best for them.  I know that each student is capable of succeeding, and it is my responsibility to see that happens.”  Mrs. Moller and her husband are moving from Laredo to Katy and can be contacted at nidiamoller@sbcglobal.net.


Jean Valdenegro has taught for 24 years in elementary education and for the past 2 years has worked at Katy Adventist Christian School.  She graduated from Union College in Nebraska with a BS degree in Elementary Education and as AS degree in Office Management.  She earned her M.Ed in Educati0n in Texas at Southwestern Adventist University.  She has taught in California, Alabama, Missouri, Kansas, Texas, and spent 3 years as a missionary teacher on the island of Saipan.  Over the years, she has worked with Pre-School ages 18 months and up, and both early and middle elementary school ages up through 8th grade.  In several schools, she also served as Principal or Head Teacher.  She worked on a Curriculum Committee in the Mid-American Union, and helped pilot the Globetrotter Curriculum.   If you were to ask her what is her favorite grade or subject to teach, she would say, “The one I’m teaching now! Each grade and subject has something interesting about it, and I enjoy teaching fractions in Math just as much as mixing colors for Art, or teaching Bible stories, or making paper human bodies for Science.  I love seeing the children’s faces light up when they learn something new.  It has also been my privilege to work with children from many different countries, as they teach me many things about places that I may never travel to.”  Currently, she is a member of the NAEYC, and is perfecting her skills in Reading Assessments.  She and her husband, David, met in California, and have been married 7 years.


             Arismel Najera is originally from a small town about two hours south east of Houston, called Port Arthur, Texas. Although she lived there as a child, Arismel has now lived in Houston for almost 12 years. She has been married to Olegario (Ole) Najera for eleven years and is mother to Ana Najera, who is now eight years old, and Abigail Najera, who is six years old. Mrs. Najera enjoys spending time with her two girls and loves to see them grow. Arismel enjoys being able to experience her kids grow up and help them learn. Her daughters have been her guide in what she has learned about teaching and parenting. For her daughters’ future, and of course for her own, Arismel is working towards a Bachelors of Science in Bilingual Teaching through Southwestern Adventist University. She is also heavily involved in her Church and her community as the Adventure Club Director and the Bible School Youth Teacher. Arismel believes “being able to give back to the community is very important and is part of the nature of a Seventh Day Adventist”. Ole and Arismel are business owners, and Mrs. Najera is the budget manager of their local business. Arismel Najera is very excited to welcome her students as she has been preparing for the 2019-2020 school year. Mrs. Najera can not wait to teach her students and watch them grow!