Our Staff

          Nidia Moller comes to Katy Adventist Christian School with over 20 years of teaching experience; 16 of those years as principal.  After graduating college with a BBA degree in Accounting, she became interested in education when her ADHD child was not working to his potential.  She began by homeschooling her children and taking courses to obtain her educational certification.  She has taken CEU (continuing education units) to help students with ADD, ADHD, and autism.  In 2014, Mrs. Moller was awarded the Southwestern Union Conference Excellence in Teaching Award.  When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys walks along the beach, cooking, and crocheting.  She is learning Spanish and is working on her master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  Mrs. Moller was Principal in Katy in 2006.  Her tenure was cut short when she had a serious accident that incapacitated her for many months.  She is excited to be back in Katy and renew old friendships and make new ones.  When asked about her plans for the school, she said she wanted to see it grow and help expand the STEM program with new hands on learning experiences.  When asked what sets her apart as a classroom teacher she answered, “When I step into the classroom, I see the students as my children and desire the best for them.  I know that each student is capable of succeeding, and it is my responsibility to see that happens.”  Mrs. Moller and her husband can be contacted at nidiamoller@sbcglobal.net.


             Maria Morales is the new Pre-K & Kindergarten teacher (as of October, 2019).   Maria was born in California from Mexican descent, then moved to Chicago, IL, where she lived for about 8 years.  In 1980, she came to Houston, TX where she completed her education.  Maria worked as a Pre-K & K teacher in an Adventist school for 5 years and obtained her Bachelor's Degree at the University of Houston.  The Lord has blessed her with a wonderful family!  Maria and her husband recently celebrated our 25th anniversary!  They are grateful to our Heavenly Father for giving them two loving and caring children.  Mrs. Morales enjoys working with little children and believes that children are a gift from God.  She is grateful to be at KACS!